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rules of play


our rules

• Stay together so you can play together.

• Food and drinks in the snack area only.


We want everyone to have a safe visit! What’s fun and appropriate for one child might be too risky for another, so please use your judgment when deciding which activities are right for your child.  Most of Kidcity’s visitors are under age 5, so please help your bigger kids put the needs of little ones first. Note that Kidcity is not a playground or padded playspace.  Although there are a few low-key sliding and crawling activities, it’s intended for pretend play, with supervision from the accompanying adult.

About Strollers

Because of limited space within our exhibits, Kidcity does not allow strollers beyond the coatroom, where we have stroller parking.  We apologize if this makes a visit to the museum more difficult - unfortunately, it’s a choice we had to make for safety’s sake.  If you don’t have a baby sling or carrier, please ask to borrow one at the front desk.  If you have a special need, please let us know and we will try to accommodate you!


The Toddler Sea Caves

(age 2 & younger)

The Toddler Sea Caves are restricted to age 2 and younger, so crawlers and early walkers have a place of their own.  If you have both younger and older kids, please skip that room or bring a second grown-up so that your older children can play upstairs while you and your little one enjoy the exhibit.  If you have to miss the Sea Caves, please know that your toddlers will find age-appropriate activities within the other exhibits in the museum.

EXCEPTION ON BIG SWIM DAY:  On the first day of every month, Kidcity offers “Big Swim” all day, so older siblings can join their younger siblings for gentle play in the Sea Caves.  Grown-ups are asked to prevent climbing, running and other active play, since the area is still intended for crawlers & early walkers.